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Ms. Shannon Washbrook

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First of all.... I don't know who that guy is on my page... eventually I'll figure out how to load my own pictures, but for now it's that guy.

Welcome to my Underwear Affair Personal Page! As you can see, I've joined BC Cancer Foundation's Underwear Affair - a 10K run / 5K walk to uncover cures for cancers below the waist. It's not only fun, but it fights ovarian, prostate, and colon cancer, among others. I'll be just one of thousands of people gathered on the streets of Vancouver this summer in the biggest Affair this town has ever seen!

A couple of years ago, someone very close to me was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is doing very well thanks to the brilliant team at the BC Cancer Agency's Gynecology Tumour Group lead by Dr. Dianne Miller. The fearless Dr. McAlpine has and continues to champion her wellness with unbelievable determination, enabling her to be well today, (and she's running on our team - Fluid's Creative Briefs).

Ovarian cancer is so difficult to diagnose, there is no test. In most cases it is diagnosed in advanced stages for this very reason. The Gynecology Tumour Group has recently released ground-breaking reasearch that is changing basic surgical protocols to routine girlie surgery across the country and it's already saving lives.

What can you do about it? You can donate to me! Don't be shy - it's about giving these devastating cancers some exposure and shedding some light on their cures. So please help me in my effort to raise money for care and research for cancers "down there!" Every little bit counts... and thanks for checking out my page.


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