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Ahoy Matees!

Welcome to mee plank! As you can see I have decided to run the plank, but this isn't just any plank mee matees, this is a 10 k run for BC Cancer Foundation's Underwear Affair. We arrr out to solvee the mystery to find the teasure chest- The ultimate jewel, a cure for cancers below the waist. Of course like many treasures this one contains a wide variety, cures for: prostate, colon, and ovarian cancer just to put on a few out there with the sharks!

I like all me other pirate matees will be just one of the hundreds of crews exploring the seas of Vancouver. This year will be the largest gathering of all pirates to sail the seven seas!

Help my matees and I reach our goals by being brave, and donating to the treasure hunt! Trust me, it's easy! Let's get out there and shed some light on these cancers that are anchored down and sinking into the shadows of the seas. So please, help me and my team in our effort to raise money for care and research, and get awareness for cancers down "there-ness!"

Pirate out.

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JULY 9, 2011  |  604/734/CURE [2873]