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Before Training



Hello there. Yes it's true that I have volunteered to run 10 K on July 9, 2011 to raise money for the BC Cancer Foundation's underwear affair. It is also true that I have never run in my life.

Why am I doing this? Well because I feel lucky. I am healthy. My friend Rochelle, is not so lucky. She is battling ovarian cancer and it is ugly.

Her daughter Kate lost her dad to Prostate cancer and now has been actively supporting her mom Rochelle. She set up a team and sent out some challenges to Rochelle's friends to help out. I knew that I could donate no problem but wanted to do more. Seriously, I saw this a challenge. Why not get in shape and actually run the 10 K. Well ,  I joined a running clinic, and  am actually on the seawall three or more times a week. Soon I will be able to run more that 4 minutes at a time. (OK it is a long haul I admit) Is it easy? NO NOT AT ALL. Is it fun? Are you kidding? Would be more fun to chew nails. Am I continuing? You bet. WHY? Cause I look at Rochelle as I go, it can't be as difficult as to what she and thousands of others have had to go through.

This fundraiser,  "The underwear affair" is  a fund raiser for  research for cancers below the waist and is  not well advertised or known. The tradition is to dress  in underwear. (remember my age so not going to happen) Kate came up with the team title of the Pirates of the Nether regions hence we are donning pirate gear. Watch for eyepatches and such on July 9. We could have some interesting duds on. The 19 year olds and the two old ladies. Should be a hoot.

So in a nutshell, I am asking all of you to donate to this worthy cause and support our  team. I am determined to do this and even  BOB and my daughters are surprised. Old couch potato Therese is getting toned. A bonus.  

 So please help me in my effort to raise money for care and research for cancers "down there!" . 

Many thanks.



UPDATE Just ran my first race and did 5 K in 41 minutes. Not bad for a total beginner I am told.


Hey all. The fundraising BBQ was fantastic and we raised a lot of money for this cause. Keep it coming and thanks so much for your support.





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