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Pirates of the Nether Reigons- Erica Phillips Andersen

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Ms. Erica C Phillips

95 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $2,000.00
Achieved: $1,890.00

Run for the Cure 2010- with Snagger a get well gift when mum was going through chemo
Run for the Cure 2010- with Snagger a get well gift when mum was going through chemo

Thanks for coming to my personal page for the Underwear affair!

Raising money and participating in this run has been a long term goal for me this year, and now that schools over I'm focusing all of my energy into raising money, spreading awareness and helping bring our team together to reach our goals!

Cancer effects everyone, it has affected my family and me very personally and it would be impossible for me to list everyone I know who's been affected by it here.

This team was born from the mind of my beautiful best friend, Kate Robinson.

Cancer has also affected her family; this run is the perfect event as both of her parents battled below the belt cancers

This is her speaking on our Facebook page:

As you may or may not know, my dad passed away from Prostate cancer over 2 years ago, and my mom is currently battling Stage 3B Ovarian Cancer

I have had enough.
So I am running to do something about it.

The Underwear Affair is a 10Km run occurring on July 9th.

Donations go to the BC Cancer Foundation, towards research and treatment of "unmentionable" cancers: ie Prostate, Colorectal, Ovarian, Testicular, Bladder, Cervical and Uterine.
These Cancers counted for 42% of all diagnoses in 2009, and 32% of all cancer deaths.
Why? Because people don't get regular check ups, and aren't aware of, or don't have any symptoms
we need to kick cancer's ass. And this is the first step.

Our teams goal is to raise $10, 000. This may be a lot, but having someone so close to me have one parent lose their life, and have the other battling this disease right now seems like a pretty good reason to do so. And we know we can do it!

We're very passionate about the cause, and every little bit we can do helps us achieve the ultimate goal, curing cancer.



There's more!


you might be wondering, what's with our team name? Myself being an art student, and Kate studying costume, it's only natural that our team will be wearing costumes!

Our team name reflects the theme of our costumes, which of course will be very piratey but still be with the runs theme of underwear.

And with this amazing team that has been put together, you can expect great things. One more reason to donate generously!

I, myself will be the pirate "booty" and will be decked out in gold from head to toe

We will also have Capitan Kate, some mermaids, parrots and so on...

Check back for updates on our costumes, we have a reputation for going a little overboard with them :D


Please help us win the fight against these "unmentionable" cancers,

Donate in support of all of those who have battled, or lost their lives, to cancers below the waist.


Much love,

Erica and the Pirates of the Nether Regions


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