2011 Vancouver Underwear Affair

Rollin Colons

Hi, wecome to the ROLLIN COLONS Team Page. My name is Lori Weston and I am the team captian of our fantastic team Rollin Colons, We're psyched to be participating in the Underwear Affair for the second year in a row!!!   I feel extremely blessed to be running with such great friends and family, because we all want to raise a lot of money to fight cancers below the waist!  We are hoping to raise awareness and a lot of money for this devastating disease.

Most all of us have a friend or family member that is affected by this disease. This year my heart is running for so many...Most recently (Feb 2011) my grandmother passed away as a result of cancer, and my good friend and fellow rollin colon team member, Keri's father passed from cancer (Jan 2011).  To add to this, my mother in law recently won a battle with breast cancer and my father in law is currently fighting prostate cancer.  It really seems this disease has no boundries...Two years ago I faced a personal challenge of my own...At age 30, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I consider myself blessed in that I was one of the very fortunate to have been diagnosed at such an early stage and am now motivated to put an end to this disease. Cancer has no boundries and its time to kick it to the curb!!!

"The Underwear Affair" creates awareness, and raises money for the embarrassing cancers that we don't talk about....The cancers below the belt. This is why we uncover ourselves, strip down to our underwear to uncover the cure. WOOHOO! STRIP?!?! this event was totally designed for this team!!!!

Thanks in advance for all of your support!!!




Rollin Colons Raised
Lori Weston $10,698.50
Shauna Adams $675.00
Shiah Bazeley $340.00
Brent Bergman $305.00
Cameron Boutin $300.00
Tammy Briggs $300.00
Allison Chisholm $325.00
Amelia Gilmore $380.00
Sherri Gosselin $580.00
Karen Gray $545.00
Kristina Hamilton $300.00
Jamie Kennett $300.00
Keri Kennett $400.00
Brad Kerr $600.00
Nick Kroeker $350.00
Heidi Nordby $385.00
Alyssa Robertson $805.00
Heather Robertson $940.00
Jonathan Robertson $735.00
Melanie Robinson $300.00
Lianne Rossitto $345.00
Erica Salemink $300.00
Jay Single $1,055.00
Kelly Single $425.00
Adam Stewart $750.00
Nicole Taylor $350.00
Stephan Tschurtschenthaler $300.00
Teegan Tsuchiya $580.00
Damerka Ward $320.00
Derek Weston $965.00
melanie Wiebe $350.00
Kathryn Zeitler $325.00
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Rollin Colons 2010


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128 percent of goal achieved.



Welcome to our Underwear Affair Team Page!

We’re psyched to be participating in the Underwear Affair as a group because we all want to raise a lot of money to fight cancers like prostate, colon, and ovarian, among others. BC Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair®, is a 10K Run / 5K Walk to uncover cures for cancers below the waist. We’ll be the team dressed in costume among thousands of other people gathered on the streets of Vancouver for one great night this summer. It will be the biggest Affair this town has ever seen!

It’s about giving these devastating cancers some exposure and shedding some light on their cures. So please help us in our efforts to raise money for care and research for cancers "down there!" What can you do about it? Don’t be shy - you can either donate to one of us, or you can join us! We’d love to have you as a team member the more the merrier!

Thanks for your support!

JULY 9, 2011  |  604/734/CURE [2873]