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Mrs. Lori Tricia Weston

535 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $2,000.00
Achieved: $10,698.50

Champs!!! xo
Champs!!! xo

Me and my team "the ROLLIN COLONS" have opted to do the 10K run to uncover cures for cancers below the waist. This will be our second year participating in the Underwear Affair! With the support of so many friends and family last year we were able to raise, $20 000.00!!! We hope to reach our goal again this year!

This event means a lot to me. I am 32 years old, I have been married for seven years to my husband, and we have two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 3. Throughout my life I have maintained a healthy active lifestyle, and have always been in pretty good shape.

On May 8th, 2009, I went for my first colonoscopy... After my colonoscopy I was told they had found a polyp.  A polyp isnt generally an uncommon find after this procedure;  however, shortly after the colonoscopy I had my follow up with my doctor and it was then explained to me that the colonic polyp found was referred to as grade III glandular dysplasia/adenocarcinoma in situ. In simple terms this means that they had found an early stage of cancer, in situ meaning in which it had not spread and was localized to one area, the area was the polyp.  Unfourtunatley the polyp they had discovered during my colonoscopy was growing on my colon like spilled paint rather then a mushroom shape which is far more typical.  Because of the cancer found and the way it had been growing, it was recommended that I have surgery, the surgery preformed was called a colon resection. I was one of the estimated 2,650 people in BC (in 2009), which according to statistics is 1 of 18 females (aged 29-39) to be diagnosed with colon cancer. Although it was an emotional and obviously very scary time, I consider myself blessed in that I was one of the very fortunate to have been diagnosed at such an early stage.

Thanks to a great team of doctors, early detection, and a successful surgery I am cancer free and hope to always be. This experience has definitely heightened my awareness and motivation to raise money for treatment, research and hopefully a cure! I'm going to help uncover something big: a cure for cancers below the waist.

I went for a one year check up and colonoscopy in May 2010, everything was fine!  I am sharing more details of my story this year because although some of these things can be embaressing to talk about it is so important to raise awareness!! A colonscopy at the age of 30 saved my life!!

More recently, my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer, she has had surgery and is going through radiation treatments.  As well, my father in law was diagnosed with prostate cancer and an early stage of cancer in his bladder...he will be undergoing radiation treatments this spring, lastly my dear grandmother passed away this February (2011) because of cancer, cancer first showed its sign in her abdomen, outside her bowel wall, although she had surgery to remove this it eventually returned and spread beyond treatment. It is so hard seeing how cancer really shows no boundries.... this year I run with them and so many others in my heart too! love you guys xo. Cancers below the waist can affect all of us, and they'll continue affecting us and future generations unless we do something now. This is why we uncover ourselves, strip down to our underwear to uncover the cure. WoooHooo! (strip?!?! its like this event was designed for me, lol)

What can you do about it? You can donate to me! Don?t be shy - it?s about giving these devastating cancers some exposure and shedding some light on their cures.


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