Let Your Outfit Speak For Itself 


Wondering what to wear to The Underwear Affair?

Feel free to get creative. Corsets, capes, feathers and frills! We’ll be on the lookout for the most unique and spectacular getups. Break out your old bathrobe or slip into some lace! Of course, T-shirts and shorts are great too. Go crazy! Accessorize! Or fly below the radar and play it safe. The possibilities are truly endless. Just wear something comfortable as we bring cancers below the waist to the top of people’s minds. 

Arrive undressed to impress because the infamous costume contest will happen BEFORE the race this year. Judges will be roaming for the most fabulous costumes. We will announce the winners during the expo before the race. You won’t want to miss it!
Be A Friend To Your Feet

As we all know, the shoes make the outfit! Comfy athletic shoes are the one thing we insist you wear to the event. Need a new pair of kicks? Visit a sports shop and ask an expert’s advice. Make sure you break in your new pair weeks before the event, otherwise, you will end up with unsexy blisters!

Cozy toes are happy toes! So don’t forget good socks. Keep your feet dry and cushioned to avoid blisters - and put your focus on the finish line!

Party Favours

A safe place for all your gear will be provided at the EXPOsed Afterparty. Stay in character or take it all off - either way we’ll stash your stuff.

JULY 9, 2011  |  604/734/CURE [2873]
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