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It’s easiest to register online.  Click here to get to the online form and you will be guided through the process. Once your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. 

You can also call or mail in your registration and fee in the form of a cheque to:

BC Cancer Foundation’s Underwear Affair
303-698 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 3K6

To download the printable registration form,  click here .


The registration fee is !This fee is not tax deductible and does not apply towards your fundraising minimum.

You will receive an email confirming your registration. Or you can click on the “Donate” button above and type in your name. If you show up as a participant, then you are officially registered.  All registered participants also receive a Get Started Guide in the mail.  Please call our office at  if you need further assistance.

YES! Just meet the fundraising minimum plus your $35 race day registration fee and you’re set. Cash or credit cards will be accepted.

You will pick up your bib during check-in at EXPOsed on . It will be included in your race packet with a timing chip.

No. Participants must collect their own packet. Have all your teammates meet at EXPOsed and the check-in process will be a breeze.

Sure. No problem. Just give us a call at and we’ll take care of you right away.  If you are still undecided a week or so from the event, you can have it changed when you check in at EXPOsed.



When is the Underwear Affair?
On  you’ll check-in, complete the event, and get down at the EXPOsed Afterparty.

Do I have to wear underwear to participate?
No. Just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable.

How revealing can I go?
As long as it's legal, it’s up to you.

Is the public allowed?
Yes. Come check it out and cheer on the runners and walkers! If you are a participant, invite your friends and family to cheer you on and join the party. 

How will the event be timed?
At check-in you’ll be given a Winning Time timing chip. Both runners and walkers will use this system to ensure fast and accurate results.

Do I have to wear a timing chip?
No. But if you don’t, you won’t receive an official time - and you can’t win if you don’t clock an official time.

Does age matter?
Not at all. If you can walk, you can participate. Minors under 18 will need the Waiver and Release of Liability signed by their legal guardian. Minors under 16 will need to have a guardian with them at the event. And no one under 19 (age 18 in Alberta) will be allowed to consume alcohol. Please remember: all registrants must raise at least $300 to participate.

Are babies and pets allowed?
Yes. But only on the 5K Walk course.  Pets are not allowed at check-in, on the 10K run, on the Booty Hunt, or the EXPOsed Afterparty. Service dogs are allowed everywhere. 

Are bikes, skateboards, or rollerblades allowed? 
Nope. For safety reasons, please keep these items off the course. 

Are wheelchairs allowed on the course?
Absolutely. And if you’re a competitive wheelchair racer you can even join the Competitive Wheelchair Division for the 10K race. If a participant requires an assistant that person must also be a registered participant.

Will the 10K Run and 5K walk start and stop at the same time?
No. The 5K and 10K starts will be planned accordingly so that everyone finishes - and gets to the EXPOsed Afterparty - at about the same time.

What if I get injured during the event?
Medical personnel will be available throughout the event should you need assistance.

Can I get a course map?
Once finalized, the course map will be posted on The Course Page. Use the course map to let friends and family know where to stand to cheer you on!

Where can I see the official times?
Official times will be posted at the EXPOsed Afterparty and on the website after the event.

Is there a host hotel?
Please check the Race Day Details page for info.




Who does the event benefit?
The Underwear Affair benefits cancer research and care at the , an international leader in the fight against cancer.

Why cancers “below the waist”?
Because they’re under-exposed! Cancers below the waist like prostate, colorectal, cervical and others are sometimes embarrassing to talk about. As a result, they often don’t receive the funding to conduct the research and care necessary to cure, treat, and possibly even prevent these diseases. We hope The Underwear Affair can help change that.

Is there a fundraising minimum?
Yes. Each runner, walker or booty hunter is required to raise at least $300. But that’s easy - we make sure of it! When you sign up we’ll give you all the tools you need to reach out and tap potential donors. If you don’t raise the minimum amount you won’t be able to participate. So be sure to stay organized and start raising awareness for cancers below the waist today!

Can I donate online? 
Yes. To make a donation, simply click on the “Donate” button above and type in the name of the participant you want to sponsor. Then, you’ll be directed to that participant’s Personal Page.

Can I mail in a donation?
Sure. Just send a cheque (no cash, please) and a donation form with the Personal ID number of the person you want to sponsor to:

When is the donation deadline?
Any mailed donations must be postmarked by . Online donations will be accepted through , and count towards your fundraising minimum. You will also be able to hand in donations at the event that will count towards your fundraising minimum.

Are donations transferable or refundable?
No, but they are tax deductible. Online donations must be at least $10.

How will donors receive their tax receipts?
Online donations trigger an email receipt. Donors gifting by cheque will receive their receipt via mail. We will send receipts for all donations of $10 or more.

Will my credit card information be secure?
Yes. We use SSL encryption techniques to protect all your credit card and personal information. Credit card numbers are not stored in our database.




Do I need a ticket to the party?

Can I bring a friend to the party?
Yes!  Invite your friends and family to cheer you on and join you at the party.

Will the party have booze?
Yes. Plenty of libations will be available throughout the night for partiers of legal age. Non-alcoholic beverages will be plentiful, too. If you drink alcohol, go easy, be responsible and never drink and drive. 



What is a Personal Page?
When you register we set you up with a personal, customizable page where you can manage your donations and progress as you prepare for the event.

Do I have to use my personal page?
Nope. We will automatically create it for you, but you don’t have to use it. Anyone wishing to donate to your fundraising efforts will be able to view your page even if you don’t personalize it.

How do I change my personal fundraising goal?
Login into the Participant Centre. On the bottom right you’ll see an option to click and modify your goal.

How do I change my password and update my profile?
Login to your Personal Page using your username and password. Once you are logged in you will see a topic called "Updating Your Information." Next, select the links to update your password and profile. You will be able to change your contact information, email address, username, and password. All changes will be made to your account immediately. There is no need to sign back in. If you are having difficulties call our coaches at .

How do I update my team name, message, goal or page content?
Log in and go to the Participant Centre. Click the “My Team Progress” tab to see the team roster and amounts raised by each teammate.

How can I see how much my teammates have raised?
Log in and go to the Participant Centre. Click the “My Team Progress” tab to see the team roster and amounts raised by each teammate.

Can I add photos to my Personal Page?

Yes - please do! Here’s how:

1. Click the “Browse” button on your personal page.
2. In the file upload window, select the photo you want, click “Open”.
3. The photo should appear in the cell.
4. Click “Upload” and the photo will show up on your page.




How many people on a team?
Each Booty Hunt Team consists of 2-6 participants.

What if we have more than 6 people who want to HUNT?
If you have more than 6 people ready to sign up – that is awesome. Get them signed up and we can split the teams up to teams of 2-6 for race day. That way you can battle against your pals.

Can I Walk/Run and Hunt?
The Run, Walk and Hunt all happen at the same time, so you’ve gotta choose what you want to do…keep in mind that the HUNT is brand new and sure to be a unique adventure.

Will I be able to see my Walker/Runner Friends on event day?
Yes! You can bond with other participants at the pre-event  Expo and again at the post-event EXPOsed Afterparty .

What if our team can’t solve a clue?
Good News…word on the street is that there will be ONE CLUE that you can skip and still win.

Does everyone on our team need to raise the fundraising minimum?
Yes. $300 per participant. Minimum. We have lots of fundraising tools and our Coaches are available to help you set up a fundraising plan.

Do we have to wear our underwear?
We have no opinion regarding whether you wear underwear on event-day or any other day for that matter. You don’t, however, have to wear a costume. Wear whatever is comfortable for YOU.

Do I have to for a team?
You need a team consisting of 2-6 to participate in the Hunt only. If you don’t have a team but still want to participate in the Hunt, then we will set you up with our 'City Teams'.

My Company/ Organization wants to sponsor this event? What should I do?
Give us a call at (323) 654-9255 x233 /  or email: Seth Beard 


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